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Virtuos Foundation
Corporate Shared Value (CSV)
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The foundation of Virtuos was spurred by an urge to create "the pool of top notch consultants, mentors and technology specialists" who had proven their mettle by working for some of the most successful companies including Fortune 500 and execute a Ricochet Mission. The pool of these Professionals got together to form Virtuos that's uniquely different from any normal business ventures. At Virtuos, we are passionate about doing things at greater speed, reliability, precision and of course perfection. But inherently Virtuos and its people have a social cause to run this company more successfully.

In addition to providing employment to several people, Virtuos contributes some of its profits to poor and needy every month to donate to Schools in the rural areas, People living below poverty line and helpless old aged People with no livelihood. Our team of Philanthropists organize funds from the likeminded people. Virtuos Foundation pools money and gives to charitable organizations.

In addition we collect reasonable amounts from our Partners, Customers, Employees, Friends, and well-wishers to contribute to the cause. We organize Cultural Programs, and conduct small camps to pool money for contributing to the poor and needy.

Virtuos Non-Profit Solutions

For Non-profit organizations, we have provided substantial discounts on our Product based Solutions, and often as high as 75% discounts on our professional services in implementing the IT Infrastructure for qualified non-profit organizations. We work closely with several Non-Profit organizations to assess their Technology needs, develop applications, automate their operations including fund raising campaigns, digital marketing plans.

Virtuos Volunteer Grant Program

Our Volunteer Grant Program works with select few charitable trusts to raise funds from multiple resources. We collect grants from our Employees, Customers, Partners, Friends, Suppliers/Vendors and sponsors and pool this money to present to the charity.

Under Volunteer Grant Program we also raise funds through camps, cultural activities and special events.

Virtuos Team Volunteer Program

Under this program, the Virtuos coordinates volunteer events by assembling the Virtuos teams. Voluntary Projects range from offering medical aid, educating poor with their sovereign rights, helping children with their studies, sanitary projects to building homes for Habitat, and for Humanity. Whatever the team’s approach, the outcome is clearly aimed at offering better living. Employees connect with their community and deepen relationships with one another—and nonprofits, charitable trusts gain significantly through this program.

Virtuos University Education

Virtuos University offers programs and training modules to the qualified employees of select non- profit organizations free of cost in developing the necessary skills to augment their Not-For-Profit Businesses.

Virtuos University faculty also trains students at few selected schools and colleges globally.

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