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Whether its technology innovation in the form of Applications, Platforms and Delivery methodologies or Business Innovation in the form of ubiquitous propositions around Web & Social, Contact center and Digital Brand, we engage with our customers for bringing profitable and most contemporary solutions.

We work with many technology and business partners by serving customers in different industry verticals to hone our consulting services to be multi-disciplinary leading to Customer OnDemand Innovation (CODI).

Virtuosol : Solution As A Platform

Virtuos has built Virtuosol— The Solution As A Platform compared to the popular “Software As A Service (SaaS)” and “Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)” with absolute peace of mind to the customers. With Virtuosol Platform we synergize in bringing the best Solutions with huge savings and effective cost containment.

  • Collabra Matrix — The Collaboration between the Business & IT in bringing user developed applications
  • Cloudle — The Cloud Services Facilitation to seamlessly integrate multiple cloud applications
  • DemandApp by Cloudle — Develop applications by assembling the components on the Customer’s demand.
  • Relationware — The set of design integration intelligence and modules

Collabra Matrix : The Engage Model

As conflict between technology and the business increases, a new enterprise business paradigm will emerge: Collabra Matrix— the broad engagement of teams to ensure cost effective synergy between user-developed business and productivity applications and Virtuos consulting and business soluiton led services. As we are dealing with too many enterprise applications on different platforms, there’s an ever increasing challenge in managing them by employing multiple domain experts. These complexities just soar with the advent of Cloud computing by adopting to too many Cloud Applications provided by thousands. We assume by 2020, custom built business and Productivity applications by users will evolve from simple spreadsheets and databases to feature-rich, lightweight web 3.0 applications with the customers at the center of developing applications for their needs.

Cloudle : Cloud As A Platform

Cloud interoperability and the underlying standards driven by open architecture is much talked about subject amidst a plethora of platform vendors and multiple cloud manifestations like public, private and hybrid models.

Cloud being the disruptive technology everyone is focussed on adopting the way it suits to them often ignoring the road to interoperability. Vendor lock-ins, proprietary technologies, cloud service agreements are often deterrents in fully exploiting the potential of cloud computing.

To ease the cloud services interoperability we work with the leading Cloud Computing vendors to unfold the cumbersome integration issues.

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