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High-stakes projects need all-star teams. And all-stars play by their own rules to deliver solutions consistent with higher perception.
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Project Management Looking for Project managers with PMP certification, and proficiency in one of the key partner technologies, please apply.

Virtuos understands that successful project implementations is a continuing process — not a single event. Only through careful alignment of strategy, process, design, technology and people are business objectives achieved. Using a proven Collabra MatrixTM and phased LifeSpanTM approach, the Virtuos Professional Services team combines project management with both technical and business-focused consulting services. Unlike other vendors who focus only on short-term results, Virtuos can address your immediate needs while evolving your solution over its lifetime.

The result: a scalable Business solution that allows you to improve productivity efficiencies and customer response times, increase customer satisfaction, streamline operations, improve business procedures and realize rapid Return On Investment (ROI) results.

Virtuos Collabra Matrix MethodologyTM and LifeSpan Solutions MethodologyTM are based on our four-phase Professional Service foundations:

  • Vision lock
  • Proof and Engage
  • Deliver
  • Bond

In addition, our Project processes are based on the following phases which are designed to guide you to a successful implementation of Virtuos Solutions.

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

Virtuos consulting teams help you determine strategic business objectives, align your needs with solutions and establish specific measures and baselines for your operating standards.

Go Live

Go Live Phase

A Project Plan including success factors and risks is developed. A rapid deployment path leads to a fully configured site that achieves desired business objectives.

Adoption Phase

Adoption Phase

With Virtuos Best Practices to guide you, a Project Manager utilizes a remote Tune-Up to revisit your objectives and determine enhancements that achieve increased user adoption, feature utilization and optimum staff skill levels.

Evolution Phase

Evolution Phase

A comprehensive Optimization Program helps to assess and improve the applications, business processes, user adoption/effectiveness and technical support.


Best Practices Scorecard

Virtuos offers a Best Practices Scorecard to measure each client's Implementation and use of Best Practices throughout the LifeCycle of their project. A scorecard is completed upon Go-Live and updated during each subsequent Tune-Up or Optimization Audit.

The goal is to get as close to the allotted 100 points over the LifeCycle of the project. Details of the scorecard recommendations will be discussed by our Business Impact specialization teams and Project Manager jointly.

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