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Business Augmentation
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Small Companies need to look big. Small is the new big.

Big Companies need to bolster and roll out services like Small companies — nimble, fast, flexible and agile. Yet what differentiates them is the cost-effective delivery system of Business Augmentation Services.

We are living the Transactional Costs Economy (TCE) — every interaction with prospect, customer, vendor and associate costs the company. How do you control your costs, and manage within your budgets?

At Virtuos Corporation, we specialize in offering Business Augmentation Services (BAS) — the specialized set of productivity services for managing and nurturing a company in the business of technology and assuring steep growth with clients and sales prospects. Our BAS involves using new business concepts such as ebranding, socialweb design to using new systems such as CRM and Customer Experience (CX) to organize, automate, and generate business processes.

Business Challenges

Traditional companies need to compete with the new generation companies — most of them founded by sophisticated entrepreneurs with deep pockets, and new set of automation tools — Chat, Web self-service, Knowledge Management (KM), Social media marketing, Advanced campaign & mobile technologies, and powerful web search & search engine optimization.

The customer has evolved, and he is most knowledgeable today continuously expecting higher degree of customer services through multiple channels — social media, contact center and virtual presence.

Increased competition, lower margins, higher spend on employee retention, and ever increasing training costs has practically forced the companies to constantly think out of box, and turn to outsourcing, and other kinds of IT Staff augmentation services.

Our Solutions

Our evolved business augmentation solutions — CX Outsourcing, CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Surveys, and Customer Care Services and our new business thinking with Cloud Avatar and VYO — Voice Your Opinion set of Business Augmentation Innovations will help your company focus on your core areas.


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