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Imagine how important it is to assess whether your customers are happy or satisfied? Do you know how your customers feel about your products or service? Today's competitive marketplace requires every organization to listen to the voice of its customers which can be captured with a customer survey (CSAT Survey).

There are many benefits to surveying your customers. Conducting customer surveys is an inexpensive way to gather valuable customer feedback and input on companies' products and services. These online, customer surveys also act as a source of innovative ideas and at the same time providing constant feedback on the company.

Do you have right resources to run the Experience Marketing and CSAT Surveys?

Do you have right resources to run the Experience Marketing and CSAT Surveys?

In today’s global marketplace, obtaining regular customer feedback is essential for companies looking to consistently provide excellent customer service and stay ahead of its competitors. Customer surveys conducted with the help of CSAT Software and highly qualified and skilled personnel to help companies gather valuable information which can be analyzed more accurately and in less time than using traditional survey methods outsourced to incompetent companies.
Business Challenges

Business Challenges

  • Customers are inundated with surveys and emails from multiple departments
  • Lack of dedicated human resources to run the customer surveys and act upon them
  • Companies are not aware of who is satisfied and who is under served
  • Lack of complete 360 degree view of customer satisfaction
  • Disparate, uncoordinated, siloed survey solutions add cost and decrease efficiency
  • Stale data results in dated and misleading insight
  • Customer feedback cannot be routed quickly and accurately
  • Actionable insight is missing as feedback is not synthesized and analyzed


Virtuos Survey solution coupled with talented and highly skilled CSAT team allows us to solicit and respond to customer feedback in any channel—web, social, chat, voice and email. The ability to share that feedback across your organization drives sales opportunities and superior customer experiences. Deliver rapid corrective action—or move immediately on a proactive opportunity—with Virtuos CSAT Surveys and CSAT experts.

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