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First, the iPhone redefined what a phone was: it looked a lot like a Web browser, really. Then, Apple opened an iPhone App store that promised developers an opportunity to write and sell an application to a new mass audience. But converged mobile devices, the kind the iPhone epitomizes, are expected to fare far better than traditional ones.

The year 2011 looks bright for mobile phone sellers and developers as thousands of new models are launched on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile platforms. It clearly looks that other mobile platforms are on their way into oblivion as the three of these platforms have practically stormed the marketplace, and intensifying the competition. Leading Smartphone Vendors like Blackberry, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Nokia have been constantly inventing new ways to please the highly mobile-savvy consumers.

Virtuos develops applications on the leading platforms- Blackberry, Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile. From the Mobile CRM, and Mobility Applications around Customer Experience to retail and shopping applications, Virtuos maintains an important engineering & development practice using Java, .Net and Open source technologies.

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