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Is revenue growth becoming increasingly difficult when balanced against cost containment objectives and resource constraints? Do you have the agility to respond to changing market conditions? Can you improve the customer experience and keep the bottom line in check?
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Are you looking to transform your contact center or Service Experience Management?

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As part of our Consulting practice, Virtuos Transformation Services is a key business with special emphasis and focus on the five areas: marketing and sales; Contact Center & Customer Service; Web & Search Technologies; Customer Experience and Social Media & Branding.

The business environment in which you operate is constantly shifting raising the bar everytime. There are micro level shifts such as HR & Succession management to macro-level shifts such as changes in consumer dynamics that business leaders need to plan for in the long-term. There are advances in technology such as social media & collaboration that threaten to make traditional business models obsolete. These aspects can be planned inspite of your preparedness for the same.

In order to deliver the growth that your business and markets demand, business leaders are under pressure to introduce new or differentiated products and services to their existing customers and open up new markets. Facing increasing competitive pressures, you need to keep existing customers highly satisfied and leverage your relationships with loyal customers to maintain or gain market share.

Certainly these challenges are not new, although the combination of factors is unique to today’s business world. What is new is the innovative way we can now integrate technologies, people and processes.

Traditional approaches to business transformation focus primarily on implementing common operational infrastructure, standardizing business processes, and outsourcing of commoditized services and products. Innovative business transformation focuses on enterprise-wide coordinated product planning and design, integrated service delivery channels, and sales & marketing strategy alignment.

Virtuos has harnessed its skills by collecting the innumerable experiences of working with some of the top notch customers including Fortune 500. Combined 1000 man years of our these experiences resulted in transforming some of services as under:



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