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If a brand is a promise made in marketing communications and advertising, Brand Engagement is the process by which we help our clients keep that promise through real and tangible delivery.

Brand engagement is about engaging people in order to align how the company actually delivers on its brand promise to customers. To do this we take a creative approach and focus on the customer (using a framework we call Customer Experience Journey), to drive action throughout the organization.

Our programs are designed to help senior management and employees understand how the brand should guide their actions while identifying the strategic change necessary to enable delivery of the brand promise.


Consumer BrandingBrands can transform the way we see the world. At their best, they change our perceptions, preferences and priorities. We experience this daily with the products and services we see and buy. We choose between tried-and-tested brands that have built-in equity and new or updated products that offer something different.

Virtuos has long been dedicated to redefining the way people see and experience brands. While a brand's package is often the primary device for communicating to consumers, our work extends far beyond simply changing a name or a package design; it is about identifying the right opportunity, owning a relevant idea and creating a memorable brand experience at every point of touch. This is how we build brands that break away from their competitors.

Our consumer strategists, researchers and designers help create, revitalize and harmonize brands in dozens of consumer product and service categories, including food and beverages, beer, wine and spirits, household goods, luxury goods, health and beauty aids, home electronics, computer equipment, software and hardware, pet products, apparel and many more.

Corporate BrandingA company's most valuable and enduring asset is its brand. Our research confirms that leadership brands typically command higher margins and deliver better returns on investment. Strong brands also attract superior talent, stimulate loyalty and capture market share from competitors by influencing and changing audience behavior. This, in turn, creates measurable value for shareholders, employees and customers alike.

Virtuos mission is clear: to help our clients realize the full value of their brands by

  • Making a distinctive brand promise in the marketplace
  • Driving a unique and compelling image that is consistent with that promise across actions, behaviors and communications and
  • Supporting critical competencies that deliver on the promise today... and tomorrow

Whether your brand is new and undefined or existing but requires redefining, Virtuos first priority is to help articulate your brand's promise, or OwnMarkTM. Defining a corporate brand is more than creating a new identity or updating a Web site. It grows out of the company's core business strategy and once determined must drive all brand expression, from the identity and Web site to signage, uniforms, retail environments, advertising, livery and merchandise. Equally so brands need to sit at the heart of a business acting as a constant reference point for all employees and decisions.

In all of Virtuos work, business strategy drives brand strategy through Yippee Media.

Digital BrandingDigital branding instantly transcends borders. By its very nature, the Internet and Social media has brought new imperatives to the art and science of branding. A successful brand on the World Wide Web must deliver a unique and engaging interactive experience and be positioned appropriately for a global audience. Moreover, digital brands necessitate new management approaches to leverage the unique possibilities of innovative technologies.

Our digital branding and design specialists work with clients to create compelling Web sites, social web platforms and all forms of digital user interfaces. We also create supporting online guidelines, asset management systems and other digital tools that can reduce costs while adding to brand momentum. The challenge is to incorporate the advantages offered by digital technology while maintaining the consistent expression of the established brand promise and its attributes.

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