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Customers are not acquired like commodities or cattle; they are earned. In the age of experience economy customers have both voice and amplifies to speak the good and the bad. Now you need an arsenal of new business and technology tools to better manage your customers, and bond with them.

Today's consumers' are evolved with their stretched expectations, and companies are under pressure to adopt new ways of working and innovative technologies — cloud computing, Web 2.0 and Mobile & Social Applications to satisfy the consumers' needs.

For years companies have enjoyed the propensity of buyers to recall brand and continually influenced the consumers by offering price, availability and after sales service. But with the advent of "experience economy", the consumer decision journey has changed and new standards and benchmarks have been set for pricing to delivery or after sales service.

Virtuos understands the paradigm shift in the consumer's behaviors and delivers contemporary business technology solutions and services — Business Intelligence & Analytics; Collaboration, Portals, Content management; Social, Web, and Mobile Apps and data management aimed at offering next generation Customer 3.0 management.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Virtuos Corporation implements industry's most robust Enterprise Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions built on open
Content Management

Content Management & Portals

Virtuos demonstrates capability and proven experience in implementing Microsoft Content Management Solutions to help customers efficiently
Social Web Applications

Social Web Applications

The Applications on the cloud and mobile have expanded to record number to cater to SOHO, Small, Midsize and Enterprise Businesses
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

First, the iPhone redefined what a phone was: it looked a lot like a Web browser, really. Then, Apple opened an iPhone App store
Data Management

Data Management

your data on the web, in your server or on the socialweb or with the cloud computing vendor has been collected over few months
Industry Solutions

Solutions by Industry

Virtuos industry solutions enable organizations in the public and private sectors to immediately address customer needs
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