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Virtuos offers most innovative marketing solutions and digital interactive platforms on multi channels — Social, Mobile, Email and websites. Our robust solutions provide you with a uniform view of your customer interactive interactions across these channels in real time. Our solutions span:

  • Interactive Marketing
  • Digital Inbound Marketing
  • Multi-channel Marketing
  • Web Analytics 2.0
Business Challenge

Business Challenges

  • Marketing KPIs such as open rate, click-through rate and response rates are dropping
  • Multiple customer database and lists makes customer segmentation difficult
  • A complete view of customer activities and preferences is impossible to see
  • On premise Marketing Solutions lack the email deliverability services with ISPs
  • Email delivery rates are constantly decreasing
  • Analytics and tight integration with CRM Systems is not so easy
  • Poor email practices have caused the organization to be blacklisted as a spammer
  • Email composing and managing microsites is a horrendous job
  • Marketing on multiple channels puts a pressure on the resources


Our Marketing and digital interactive platforms help you create proactive, relevant email communication based on a full knowledge of the customer's history. Customer marketing activity is also automatically added to the customer's record, giving your agents a complete customer view for the next interaction.

Virtuos marketing automation solution features powerful campaign management tools to facilitate mass, but personal, email campaigns cost effectively. Deliverability optimization tools help your emails rise above the clamor and get delivered - and read.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Multi-Stage, Multi-Channel Email Marketing Campaigns


Virtuos marketing automation software optimizes how your company delivers critical messages and marketing offers to customers and prospects.

  • Campaign management creates personalized emails across market segments and helps you easily track and measure results
  • Delivery optimization ensures compliance with SPAM regulation so your emails get read
  • Response: tracking helps you evaluate results and fine tune efforts to ensure the best delivery, open and response rates
  • Knowledge Foundation supports on-target, proactive email communications across the Social, Brand, Web and Contact center experiences
  • Built on Cloud Platform infusing knowledge across the channels — Mobile, Social, email, and websites
  • Campaign tools powered by Experience Designer and Experience Marketing
Proactive And Relevant Email Marketing

Proactive And Relevant Email Marketing


Virtuos marketing automation solution helps you drive personal, proactive email communications.

  • Be timely, proactive and relevant with your email communication
  • Make the most of a highly cost-effective communications channel
  • Execute large volume, personalized campaigns with no IT overhead
  • Send the right messages to the right people at the right time
  • Be on target with knowledge-based communication
  • Take advantage of an on demand solution for rapid and flexible deployment
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