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Today Employees contribute to the significant portion of your monthly spend due to increased compensation levels, and competition. It's vital and important to keep a tab on your employee performance and succession management.

Measure and Monitor Employee Performance

Using the scientific methodologies, and suite of award winning software, we offer HR Consulting to measure the employee performance by giving weighted average score board for each of the assigned tasks and interactions.

Succession Management on Merit

As employees like companies to adopt fair practices, it's important to devise a criterion for succession management. Our consulting and software suites offer insight into real-time, actionable employee performance. Our appraisal system comprises of:

Reduce Time
Reduce the time and money spent conducting and recording employee performance appraisals - up to 85%.
Measure Goals
Measure the alignment of employee goals and development activities to business goals & priorities.
Supervisor Feedback
Appraising the employees by using process and employee - supervisor feedbacks.
Virtuos offers HR and Performance Management Solutions as one of its consulting practice to midsize and enterprise customers. With a strong domain expertise in HR Solutions and CRM, we pick up quality engagements with niche clients.
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