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Social xRM is a philosophy & a strategy, supported by a technology platform, rules, workflow, processes & social characteristics, designed to engage the people — customer, vendors, suppliers, friends, etc. in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted & transparent personal or business environment.

We build our Social xRM around your private networks or popular social networks such as Facebook. Social xRM stands for any object, process or person in an organization can now be tracked, monitored and updated based on individual business processes.

What is Social xRM?

First it was CRM (Customer Relationship Management), then came PRM (Partner Relationship Management), ERM (Employee Relationship Management) and a host of other xRM solutions. The problem was in most cases there were specific applications that met each type of requirement. While managing relationships was at the heart of each strategy, the nuances around each was such that no one application was flexible enough to meet all the functionality requirements.

So what exactly is meant by xRM and how is Social xRM a platform? The "x" in xRM is a placeholder for anything, so essentially xRM means the management of any type of relationship. This might be for example, the management of a company's relationship with its employees. Now it can be argued that an HR system fills this function, but most often the HR system misses the subtleties of managing a relationship and more importantly it lacks the flexibility to be configured to meet the company's ever changing strategies around this relationship.

Our Social xRM has the core functionality to track, manage the relationship aspect and the flexibility to be configured to meet changing Employee Relationship Strategies.

Our Social xRM, a Cloudle initiative is all about delivering a robust Relationship Management and effectively manage all aspects of interactions, communications in a single system. Some of the applications that our Social xRM can be used for:

  • Universities/Schools/Student Management
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Hotels/Clubs/Hospitality vertical
  • Realty Brokerage Servers/Property Management
  • HR/Recruitment management
  • Sales Incentive Management

Social xRM powered by Cloudle will be configured or customized to meet very different requirements as stated above. There was no mention of Accounts, Contacts and the term customer was completely removed.

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