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Virtuos Social Experience empowers you to connect with your most passionate customers, so you can leverage their collective wisdom and brand loyalty to further your business goals.

Business Challenges

  • The social web has changed the shape of customer relationships
  • Consumers wield increasing power and influence over your brand
  • A flawless customer experience is crucial for customer satisfaction
  • Complaints on the social web can turn into PR problems in a matter of hours


Virtuos Social Experience offers a two-pronged approach to the social web. First, Social Cloud Monitor allows you to monitor conversations on Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds, your Facebook fan page, and other social channels, and then helps you respond quickly and appropriately. Second, The Cloud communities enable you to integrate social media as a seamless part of your overall brand strategy. Together, they allow you to engage your customers in authentic conversations that increase customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and drive your business goals.

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